[b-hebrew] Patah in Ps. 20:9

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Thanks, Harold and Maurice, I think I get the garmmatical picture. I'm still not sure what the difference in meaning between "venit(odad" and "vanit(odad" would be.

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    Can anyone tell me why the last word in Psalm 20:9, "vannit(odad", has a patah under the vav instead of a sheva?

  I see you have already got an answer on the list.

  However, its brevity may not have been very helpful to you, so please open the attached .GIF screen-grab from:
  A Bibical Hebrew Reference Grammar

  The usual English translation of that last very in v.9 is:  >but we shall rise and stand upright<

  but this is a poor representation, IMHO, of the sense of the hithpolel, which is rendered altogether better in the screen-grab from:
  Dictionary of Biblical Languages with Semantic Domains : Hebrew (Old Testament) / James Swanson.
  also attached.


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