[b-hebrew] Offend/dealt corruptly - chet bet lamed (nehemiah 1:7)

wattswestmaas wattswestmaas at eircom.net
Sat Jun 19 18:14:48 EDT 2004

Dear all,

I was wondering how this root can have the connotation of "dealt corruptly
with"  and/or "offended" as used in Nehemiah 1:7 and Job 34:31 ?  I have,
naturally, in mind the fact that this root is so translated no where else
(as far as my searches can reveal),  bearing in mind also that the root is
tied (no pun intended) to the idea of 'twisting" ropes and "child birth"
(twisting of the cord??) The other common way the root is applied from what
I can gather is "the pledge" in the sense of being obligated (Tied to
someone else??).

I would be extremely grateful for your thoughts on this.

Thankyou.  Chris.

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