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Dear Chris:

Job lived in the land of (WC ארץ עוץ which apparently was within the kingdom of Moab (Jeremiah 25:20, Lamentations 4:21). That Jeremiah is the only one who elsewhere in Tanakh mentions the land may be an indicator of the date for the book and person.

As for the land of Nod, that was antediluvian and if the flood was world wide as Noah‘ sons reported, it was completely destroyed and there is no way we can find it today.

Karl W. Randolph.

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> Dear members of the list,
> I have a four part question regarding Job.
> 1.  What are the most accurate dates for when the book might have been written?
> 2.  Can Job himself be placed in any acceptable date when he might possibly have lived?
> 3.  Can there be any possible reason to consider that Moses might have collected the story?
> 4.  Can the land of Nod be identified?
>  Thankyou all Chris.
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