[b-hebrew] OT: relevance of the prophecies

Dave Washburn dwashbur at nyx.net
Wed Jun 9 17:10:52 EDT 2004

On Wednesday 09 June 2004 14:27, VC wrote:
> > > HH: Once you add Micah and Zechariah, you have added something
> > > significant. The Jews themselves find other Messianic texts. How do
> > > you know texts like Micah and Zechariah weren't taken seriously before
> > > the Pharisees? They are God's word. ...
> >
> > Actually we know that the book of Micah was taken seriously, as it is
> > quoted in Isaiah 2:1-4 (or possibly vice versa) and Jeremiah 26:18 (this
> > cannot be vice versa).
> Seriously? Isaiah would have laughed his socks off if someone had told him
> that Micah, whom he mentioned in passing, became a basis for world
> religion. No proof for this statement  :)

It's so refreshing to have a genuine psychic here who can tell us what Isaiah 
was thinking (to say nothing of the enlightenment we have received about 
Isaiah wearing socks) ;-)

Dave Washburn
Learning about Christianity from a non-Christian
is like getting a kiss over the telephone.

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