[b-hebrew] Interpretation of Biblical Hebrew, or Harold, is this your methodology?

Harold R. Holmyard III hholmyard at ont.com
Sat Jul 17 10:30:34 EDT 2004

Dear Karl,

>I find that this is an important way to read Tanakh and Biblical Hebrew.
>By reading from cover to cover, one:
>1) meets every case that a lexeme is used, not just in selected studies.
>2) gets a feeling for the style of each writer 
>and how that effects each context.
>I don’t know how many times I read a verse one 
>way while looking it up in a concordance or a 
>short section, but when I read it in context I 
>realized I had read it incorrectly. I make a 
>point of reading cover to cover (not a study, 
>just reading) as well as reading short sections 
>for studies.

HH: Yes, that's a good thing to do.

					Harold Holmyard

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