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  Sorry,  you attribute to me a view of somebody else, that's why I put it quotes, which I had criticized. If you still have the post, check it.

Revdpickrel at wmconnect.com wrote:
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..."The existing 
evidence and lack of evidence strongly suggests Moses and the Exodus as a 
pious fiction, or at most a gross exaggeration, constructed in the 8th-7th 
centuries BCE (IMO, under Josiah) to give "history" to the group. "....

Targums tell of a story that all but ten Ephraimites returned to Egypt after a grumble with Moses in the wilderness.  This would have been during Ramesses 11's reign, c. 1299.  They were retained by force by Pharaoh's Ramesses 11 and Merenptah until his death.  It is inscribed upon Merenptah's tomb "Israel has no more seed,"  An obvious false claim.  There is your evidence that Israel was in Egypt, so much for pious fiction.  History put them in Egypt and the Bible gives us the Exodus.  If you believe this is just pious fiction why does anyone study it so hard?   

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