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Certainly, Laban and his family were. And there are indications that others in Abraham's family were as well. But throughout, there is no indication in the text itself that says that Abraham, Isaak or Jacab were.

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> >  Incidentally, the place name YRYXW , Jericho, clearly indicates that at
> one time it served as as moon cult center.
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> >   Uri
> As long as you mention it, so does Beth-Yerah, at the southern tip of the
> Sea of Galilee - not mentioned in the Bible but clearly named in later
> sources. Beth-Shemeh (of which there are at least two - one in Judah and one
> in Galilee) was originally a center of sun worship.
> More importantly, both Ur, Abraham's hometown (and assuming this to have
> been the Sumerian Ur, though I know that there are other opinions) and
> Haran, at which he stopped on his way to Canaan, were major centers of
> worship of the Mesopotamian moon god Sin (Suen). Now look at some of
> Abraham's relatives: his father was Terah, obviously a form of YRH (YRX).
> His grand nephew was Laban ("white" - Lebanah is another name for the moon).
> Both his wife "Sarai" and sister-in-law "Milkah" are words that mean
> "Queen", and the moon was often known as the Queen of the Heavens.
> Does all this mean that Abrahm's family were originally moon-worshippers?
> Yigal
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