[b-hebrew] Genesis 3:15 and order of ideas

Peter Kirk peterkirk at qaya.org
Wed Dec 22 10:57:31 EST 2004

On 22/12/2004 14:51, Harold R. Holmyard III wrote:

> ...
> HH: Even if the ancient Jews did understand about women producing 
> eggs, that is not chiefly what Lev 12:2 concerns, I think. It refers 
> to a woman conceiving and bearing a child. Obviously a woman could 
> produce eggs but not conceive; producing eggs does not automatically 
> lead to giving birth. So the relevant point probably was, in in many 
> other texts, that she conceived and bore. The Hiphil of ZR( here would 
> seem to include the implanting of the male seed in the wall of the 
> uterus.

Anachronism alert! The ancient Hebrews knew about semen and that its 
transfer was a prerequisite for conception. But they knew nothing about 
human eggs or implantation of anything in the walls of the uterus - that 
was a 19th century discovery.

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