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>> The discussion was not about those two individuals. It was about David
>> Rohl. Are you putting all three men in the same category? And are all 3
>> equally worth dismissal?
> Even a broken watch is right twice in 24 hours.  So a human being can be
> correct here and there, as well.  Was Nostradamus so different from 
> Rohl and
> Velikovsky?
> Not if he was "guessing" ;-^   But everyone in Egyptology has to take a 
> guess
> now and then--in fact on plenty of occasions.  I suppose it is once 
> again a
> question of how one phrases ones suppositions.  Best to leave a 
> question mark
> there--a wise counsel we all do not always heed.  And are usually sorry 
> later.
> It is those who hardly ever leave a question mark and write things on 
> the
> order of "Now I am going to show you the statue of Joseph"--that tend 
> to alienate
> the savants.

Now, for my edification, could you provide me with a list if the savants?


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