[b-hebrew] Gen. 1.21, Winged Birds

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Thu Aug 26 02:06:43 EDT 2004

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>I am somewhat of a beginning student of Hebrew, so I hope this
>question isn't too basic for this list. In Genesis 1:21 we read
>that God created "every winged bird according to its kind". What
>I'm interested in is two words: (OP KFNFP, "winged bird". (Please
>let me know if I have mistransliterated this.)
>Koehler and Baumgartner list KFNFP as a substantive, meaning wing,
>but it seems to be used here adjectivally. From this I assume that
>substantives can be used as adjectives in Hebrew, like when we say
>in English sports car, fire truck, and so forth. I also wondered
>whether this might be an example of the construct state. However,
>with the construct state, the second noun takes the definite
>article. And even then we would have to translate the words
>something like "bird of a wing". Since the definite article is
>lacking here, I am assuming that we can safely rule out the
>construct state.
>Please help me construe these words.
>D. Anthony Storm
>danstorm at comcast.net
The construct state does not have to be definite.  I would take this as a
construct, but KFNFP probably needs to be translated as an adjective.  It is
not that unusual for words to change from one part of speech to another in

Kevin Riley

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