[b-hebrew] Re: Jeremiah’s undocumented wrongprophesy to King Josiah (was variant pronunciation)

Dave Washburn dwashbur at nyx.net
Sat Apr 24 12:49:24 EDT 2004

On Saturday 24 April 2004 07:15, Noam Eitan wrote:
> If you ask about what I believe, I believe the Bible contains a lot of
> historical information that is just as accurate as sitting in a trial and
> listening to the D.A. marshal  evidence and present opening and closing
> arguments against an innocent defendant (i.e., practitioners of religious
> syncretism, a.k.a. idolatry) without hearing the defendant or his assigned
> defense counsel at all.
I'm always amused when modern folks try to compare examining the biblical 
material to a court of law.  Talk about a clear case of comparing apples to 
oranges...first, the average newspaper wouldn't stand up to that kind of 
scrutiny, nor would most standard history textbooks.  So the court-of-law 
notion is a fallacy from the beginning.  But more important, look at the way 
evidence and testimony is manipulated and twisted in many court cases (John 
Hinckley and OJ come immediately to mind) so that the outcome may or may not 
actually fit the evidence presented: the court process of dealing with 
evidence is hardly a paragon of impartiality or good methodology.
> I would like to use your question as an excuse to bring up a hypothetical
> example of the “historical events” the Bible may be concealing from us.
> WARNING: the following contains unbridled speculations.
Boy, is this last sentence correct!  Thanks for the laugh.  Since this is off 
the subject of the list, that's all I'll say.

Dave Washburn
Learning about Christianity from a non-Christian
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