[b-hebrew] testing

Joel Nothman jnothman at student.usyd.edu.au
Sat Apr 24 05:58:41 EDT 2004

> On 23/04/2004 21:13, Dora Smith wrote:
>> Well, it displayed on my computer.
>> I'm also having other problems.   Only Ezra SIL will display niqqud,  
>> and it
>> doesn't have a standard keyboard layout, which means the Hebrew learn to
>> type program won't work.

In WinXP, Exra SIL should show with niqqud, just as Times New Roman, David  
or Tahoma will.

With standard Hebrew keyboard mapping, switch caps-lock on, hold shift and  
press one of the numbers to type vowels... See  

This page also interestingly mentions Nakdan, a piece of software which  
should add vocalisation to hebrew... Does anyone know of this? It no  
longer has a presence on the web, but sounds interesting...

- Joel

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