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Karl Randolph kwrandolph at email.com
Thu Sep 25 18:31:14 EDT 2003

Jason Hare:

To add to your woes, I once found a site with complete instructions on how to do a Hebrew word study without learning Hebrew: just pick up your copy of Strongs and 

That was before I found this b-hebrew mailing list. That was not the only thing I disagreed with on that site.

The way I answer it is to say “Strong was a good Bible scholar and did good work in making his concordance. However, he was a Bible scholar, not a Hebrew language scholar. Now looking at this text in Hebrew, it says 
” and I have yet to get a squawk. btw I don’t have a copy of Strongs.

Of course, you could probably jump all over me and my pretentions of scholarship, in that I studied only one year of Hebrew language dimly remembered from 30+ years ago and that my predilection for reading the unpointed text obscures many of the grammatical nuances that a scholar would expect to recognize.

Keep up the striving for true scholarship. And thanks to b-hebrew for putting up with me.

Karl W. Randolph.

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From: "Jason Hare" <jason at hareplay.com>

> All I can say about this is YES! I feel like I'm venting a bit, but people
> need to get over the idea that "if I use Strong, then I don't have to know
> anything about Hebrew/Greek to understand what the Bible says." What a sad
> state we are in. I have come up against this on many occasions personally.
> And I am disheartened every time.
> Blessings to you, Peter...
> Jason Hare
> Missouri Southern State University
> Joplin, MO
> student of languages
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