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Thu Sep 11 20:21:36 EDT 2003

Peter Kirk asked:
> According to GKC 15l, "In many MSS as well as in Baer's editions of the 
> text" postpositive and prepositive accents are repeated on the tone 
> syllable, to mark the accent. But in BHS and the Snaith edition this 
> happens regularly only with the postpositive pashta, and very 
> occasionally with telisha qetanna and with tsinnor/zarqa, but never, at 
> least in BHS with the prepositive accents. GKC gives only one example 
> with a prepositive accent, a telisha gedola.
> What I am wanting to discover is how a prepositive accent is positioned 
> when it is repeated on the tone syllable. Is it positioned well over to 
> the right, as is commonly the actual prepositive accent, or centered and 
> perhaps to the left of a vowel, like most other accents? What happens 
> when the tone syllable is the first syllable? Is the accent ever written 
> twice on the same syllable? Or is this repetition of the accent so rare, 
> with prepositive accents, that it can be ignored?

Prepositive Yethib occurs only on monosyllables, or on bisyllables accented 
on the first syllable, so no need ever exists for it to be repeated.

The Koren edition is the only edition I found that repeats Great Tellisha (I 
don't have Bauer), but I have only the electronic Koren edition, not the 
printed edition. The electronic edition seems to place the second Great Tellisha on 
the upper left corner of the first consonant of the accented syllable. I 
suspect that proper place is over the middle of the first consonant as shown in 
GKC. A printed Koren edition should answer that question.

The only other prepositive accent is Dechi used in the Poetical Books. I 
found no edition that repeated Dechi, not even Koren.

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