[b-hebrew] Dahood on `ecah, derek, mow$ab

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On 01/10/2003 11:13, B. M. Rocine wrote:

>Why is it that Dahood's work on Psalms (Anchor, 1965!) is not impacting
>recent translations, commentaries, lexicons?
Going back to the original question, specifically re commentaries, one 
more point:

The Word commentary on Psalms 1-50 by Peter Craigie is full of 
references to Dahood's work. Craigie is in many ways a supporter of 
Dahood's methods and his critique of them in his introduction is also a 
partial defence. He discusses Dahood's interpretation of Psalm 1, but 
rejects his understanding of DRK:

"In the present context, however, the argument for the meaning 
"assembly", in so far as it is based on  Ugaritic, is without firm 
foundation. "Throne" would be a possible translation, though it would 
not fit the poetic context well. Furthermore, the contrasting of two 
/ways/ (1:6) is a common theme in both biblical literature ...and in 
Near Eastern texts... In summary, it is best to retain the translation 
"way" for Heb DRK:, both here [v.1] and in v 6."

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