[b-hebrew] PL) in Psalm 131:1

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In Psalm 131:1 the niphal participle of PL) is translated by "things too profound",
"things that are beyond", "things that are too wonderful", "things too marvelous",
etc. HALOT lists the basic meaning as "to be different, conspicuous, curious ... PL)
denotes the moment when something initiated by, or linked with, the performer of an
action becomes effective". They then list basic meaning a. "to be wonderful,
beautiful" and b. "to be separated, picked out, different". For the niphal they list
among many others "to be inappropriate".

Question-- aware of the dangers of "root fallacy" could the usage in Psalm 131:1 carry
the idea of being out of one's jurisdiction, things beyond one's scope of authority or
calling, outside one's purview. This idea would seem to fit nicely with the words of a
king who obviously did occupy himself with important matters but realized the limits
of his jurisdiction and calling. The same idea could fit in Genesis 18: 14 -- nothing
is outside God's purview.

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