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On 26/08/2003 12:26, SCOTT, PETER wrote:

>I have been reading:
>Joachim Jeremias.  "Abba."  The Prayers of Jesus.  Philadelphia:
>Fortress Press.  1978.  Pp. 11-65.
>Jeremias sites the phrases )BYNW $B$MYM in Note 8 (p 16) and )BY $B$MYM
>on p 22 and in Note 41 (p 22) and other places.
>$B$MYM is identifed as Hebrew and translated as "who lives in heaven".
>Is the perfix $B a form of Y$B?  What is the nature of the construction?
No. $- is a version of the relative pronoun, perhaps a contraction of 
'asher, which is found but only rarely and mostly in late books in the 
Hebrew Bible but is common in later Hebrew including modern Hebrew. So 
here we have $- "who [is]" and B- "in" together. Not sure where Jeremias 
gets "lives" from.

>In Note 16 (p 17) is the phrase DB$MY) quoted from a prayer.  What is
>the prefix DB?
This one is probably Aramaic, hence the final alef. D- is a shortened 
form of DIY which is the regular Aramaic relative pronoun, and B- is 
again "in".

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