NEW BOOKS: Jefferies' Wisdom at Qumran; Anton Kiraz Archive on Qumran; Trever's The Dead Sea Scrolls

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Gorgias Press announces volume 3 of "Gorgias Dissertations - Near Eastern Series" (see Call for Submissions below), in addition to two other titles on Qumran:

        Jefferies, D. Wisdom at Qumran: A Form-Critical Analysis of the Admonitions in 4QInstruction
      ISBN: 1-931956-36-7
      Price: $45.00
      Series: Gorgias Dissertations: Near Eastern Studies 3
      Format: Paperback
      Size (in): 6 x 9 in
      Pages: xii + 336
      Publication Year: 2002

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Gorgias Dissertations: CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS
The aim of the "Gorgias Dissertations - Near East" series is to disseminate doctoral dissertations in the field of Near Eastern studies (ancient, medieval and modern)  in paperback and eBook formats. Authors interested in submitting a dissertation may email gkiraz at with a proposal, including an abstract, a table of contents, sample chapters, as well as the contact information of at least two scholars who are familiar with the work (preferably members of the examination committee).
Book Description
Wisdom literature reflects the human desire to understand the world and recognize proper human conduct. Wisdom has been identified and studied widely in its Ancient Near Eastern context. Still, the study of wisdom texts found in the Dead Sea Scrolls has only recently come into focus. One such text, 4QInstruction, is a large document known only from its occurrence among the Dead Sea Scrolls. 4QInstruction includes poetic discourses, hymnic material, and short wisdom sayings and admonitions.

This study provides background on wisdom forms, the key Qumran sectarian texts, and wisdom studies related to the Dead Sea Scrolls. After a summary of 4QInstruction as a whole, a major portion of the study focuses on the admonitions in 4QInstruction, identifying the literary forms used in the admonitions as a way better to assess the relationship between 4QInstruction, biblical wisdom, and the broader wisdom tradition. The admonitions are grouped by topic and discussed in terms of their structure, wisdom forms, and setting. The intended message of the text is then considered in light of the biblical wisdom tradition and the sectarian Dead Sea Scroll texts, which make up the context for 4QInstruction.

The admonitions are expressed in biblical wisdom forms, showing a familiarity with and acceptance of traditional Hebrew wisdom including a focus on traditional themes. Yet, when read from the sectarian perspective, 4QInstruction reinforces the guidelines and theology of the key Dead Sea Scroll documents.

Daryl F. Jefferies holds a master's degree and doctorate in Hebrew and Semitic Studies from the University of Wisconsin-Madison. His research interests center on the wisdom literature found in the Dead Sea Scrolls. This research includes studying the development of wisdom thought and literature in its ancient Israelite, Egyptian, Jewish, and early Christian forms.

      1 Introduction 
      2 The Forms of Wisdom Literature 
      3 The Sectarian Rules 
      4 Introduction to 4QInstructions 
      5 The Wisdom Forms of the Admonitions of 4QInstructions 
      6 A Form Critical Analysis of the Admonitions of 4QInstructions 
      7 Conclusions 


The following two titles on Qumran are available as Pre-Orders:

Kiraz, George (ed.). Anton Kiraz's Archive on the Dead Sea Scrolls
ISBN: 1-931956-38-3
Price: $45.00
Format: Paperback
Size (in): 6 x 9
Pages: ca. 350
Photos/Illustrations: ca. 10
Publication Year: Forthcoming 2002
No scholarly discovery in modern times has been cloaked in more controversy than that of the Dead Sea Scrolls. This is especially true of the circumstances surrounding the actual find of Cave 1 in 1946-1947, and the various claims and counter claims of ownership that ensued. One such claim of ownership came from Anton D. Kiraz (d. 1993), known as the contact person between Mar Samuel and Prof. Sukenik. Kiraz left an extensive archive of letters, documents, and a recorded interview with the Bedouins who discovered the scrolls. The archive not only reveals Kiraz's claims of ownership, but also documents the minutest details concerning the discovery itself, including sworn statements by those involved in the discovery. This book is an edition of about 150 letters and sworn statements. For more info and a Table of Contents, see

         Trever, John C. The Dead Sea Scrolls: A Personal Account
      Subtitle: A Revised Edition of the Author's Untold Story of Qumran
      Price: $22.40
      Available at pre-publication discount.
      Post Publication Price: $28.00, SAVE $5.60 (while copies last)
      Format: Paperback
      Size (in): 6 x 9
      Pages: 241
      Photos/Illustrations: 7
      Maps/Plans: 2
      Publication Year: Forthcoming 2002 (reprint of the 1976)

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