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>> Hello, Yes , it seems a little strange to hear that the Biblical translators
>> are "informed by the Spirit". With due and great respect, I remember that
>> the most traditional Handbooks of Biblical Hermeneutics ( Anglican, Roman
>> Catholics, etc) always said that the Biblical Writers were inspired by the
>> Spirit but not the Translators.
> However the Jews do not share this belief, as far as our commentators
> go - we believe that they - the transmitters of the Oral Torah -
> (which is not only an elaboration of Jewish law, as someone once said
> here on this list) were divinely inspired.

Hi Shoshanna,

Yes, the Oral Torah is viewed to have been inspired (roughly equivalent to
the NT in canonical terms), but I don't know of any Jewish tradition that
views, for example, the targumim as inspired.

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