Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at
Fri Mar 15 10:58:47 EST 2002

>Doesn't "bereshit" sound like what you would find in the woods after the
>bear comes out?

I do not appreciate this sort of "humour".

>My question is about Genesis 1:1. Are the seven Hebrew words  a complete
>statement or any there any reason to continue to verse two.  

This is what the title of this thread was aimed at 

>That is is verse
>one a complete statement and verse 2 and following speak of a restoration
>that was necessary because of the rebellion of  Lucifer/Satan.

There is no talk of Lucifer or Satan in the text. 
Lucifer in the one mention found in the OT/HB is 
used to refer to Venus, the daystar, and 
indirectly to Nebuchadnezzar. Satan, as a name is 
not found in the OT/HB with the exception of Chr.
if I remember correctly, which doesn't make much 
groundwork for understanding Gen 1:1-2.

The text makes clear that creation stated when God 
said, "Let there be light" and the first day 
started. The OT/HB says elsewhere that God does not 
create confusion.


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