bereshit (Small Clarification)

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You have made indications like this in other posts on this subject, and each
time I was away from my host account for this list.  Why is it that you see
SV(0) sentences as free range or dependent?  I admit that they generally
slow down the forward movement of the discussion or story, but they are
indeed full independent clauses from everything that I have studied.  Could
you explain you basis for appearing to think otherwise?

Also, because I'm not sure that you are still at the same position that you
were when you restarted this thread (I'm sure you realize that this is a
perenniel discussion), could you give us a suggested translation of Gen
1:1-3?  Sometimes this American doesn't seem to think like you Australians!


Paul Zellmer

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> >I invite you and others on the list to submit other
> >close parallels, especially of the form B-noun verb subject object
> >W-subject verb... (noun is temporal, no article, absolute or construct).
> Sorry, I just reread this and find the extra
> specification (which I did not take into account
> in my previous post) exclusive of most of the
> examples of b-noun VSO I mentioned. I don't
> really see why such is necessary as you can have
> "free-range" sentences with wSVOs attached to
> them. It should be sufficient that that it is
> obvious that phrases such as bywm govern VSOs.
> The rest follows.
> Ian

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