Self-Contained Hebrew workbook

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I'd like to make a comment as a student who is just finishing
the second out of 2 BH courses at UCLA. Aside from the contents
and clarity of the grammar it is very useful to have 
excercises with feedback; in fact the more the better.
Language studies are repitition intensive and the 
more I can get away from repeating verb forms endlessly
to myself on the commute on the freeway the better !

Thank You,

John Yard

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Dear Mark,

I recommend my own first year grammar/workbook.  It uses
some of the better aspects of the Kittel, Hoffer, Wright
volume plus it uses a discourse analytical approach that is
very helpful.  The course treats the first year of learning
BH as valuable for learning insights into the Scriptures
through discourse analysis of Hebrew rather than merely and
only a prerequisite to BH, year two.   It usually takes
church folks a whole year to get through the course.

I have used it successfully in my own church with folks
ranging in academic experience from those with no college to
the Ph.D.  BTW, we have had a ton of fun!  I am now using it
with a class of 14-15 year olds.  I have a couple of friends
who tell me the approach has worked very well with their
mission field students for whom English is a second
language.  I have tried to give lessons that are informed by
the latest linguistic studies of BH while keeping the
language accessible to the non-specialist.

The book is available for about $28 (last I knew) from the
publisher at

Best, Bryan

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> Hi,
> I am trying to track down a self-contained Biblical Hebrew
textbook or
> workbook that can be effectively used for teaching the
language in a
> church/community setting.  My textbooks from when I
learned Hebrew are
> probably too academic and/or intimidating, as I simply
want to teach them
> the very basics of the language - I am not preparing them
for further
> study (and I don't have the time to create my own
> Does anybody have any suggestions?
> Thanks!
> (PS. I am looking for a NT Greek equivalent as well)
> Mark Wessner

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