Aleppo vs. Leningrad Codex vs. BHS

Ewan MacLeod macleod_ewan at
Sat Jun 22 09:22:43 EDT 2002


In the intro to the Biblia Hebraica Leningradensia, it said that there were 
known errors in the BHS. Apart from differences in the nikud, does anyone 
know if there any mistakes/differences in the consonants (letters) of the 
BHS, compared with the Leningrad Codex? Has a list ever been published? The 
BHS would have been done before the recent facsimile edition of the 
Leningrad Codex, so the new photos may have made the text easier to read.

Similarly, are there any differences between the consonants (letters) of the 
Leningrad Codex and the Aleppo Codex? When Shmuel ben Yakov corrected the 
Leningrad Codex, would it have been corrected to the
Aleppo Codex or another Masoretic manuscript?

Finally, I also have the Koren Bible (Koren publishers in Jerusalem), the 
standard Israeli one. What is the source of its text - is it also the 
Leningrad Codex?


Ewan MacLeod

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