Sam, Chr & Josephus (Peter)

Ian Hutchesson mc2499 at
Mon Mar 19 13:09:01 EST 2001

>Ian, I think you should apologise to the list, and especially to Jewish list
>members, for comparing Ezra to Hitler in this (or any) way. I am sure you
>did not intend to cause offence, but I hope you understand how offensive
>this could be.

Peter, you are taking political correctness to its usual absurd lengths. First the
only comparison I made was about what would be expected in two different situations.
If the only response you can make is going off the rails like this, I gather you
have chosen to end all discourse.

>In another posting you wrote "Gawd, Peter. That's a wild one!..."

Are you taking umbrage at "Gawd!"? Do you also take umbrage at "Crikey" or "Gosh!"?
Have I come across silly season or something?

Peter, I am sorry that you have this sort of reaction, but what sort of reaction
will you have with serious problems?


>Now I
>don't know whether you believe in God, but many of us on the list do and
>find such langauge offensive, as taking the Lord's name in vain. I don't
>consider that writing the vowel in a different way is sufficient defence to
>a charge of breaking the commandment.
>When I am assured that you are arguing on a scholarly level and taking
>proper care to avoid causing offence I will try to answer other aspects of
>your recent postings.

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