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Thanks for your insights, John, on a topic of particular interest to me and
my son, Samuel, a name I selected specifically because he was "asked of


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> I'd go with shemu'el "meaning" the name of El (or whatever
> it "means"), but sounding like "he who is from God" i.e. SHE
> (short form of 'ASHER) - ME (from) - 'EL  (God).
> Then why not name him SHEME'EL?  Maybe because she just
> wanted to take a current name on the basis of assonance
> rather than make up a new one.
> For an analogy there is MO'AB, which apparently is supposed
> to remind is of "from father."
> So Christine your son's name probably doesn't "mean" "asked
> of God" but he's named Samuel because he is asked of God
> (not much difference).
> It's significance at the start of the books of Samuel - big
> contrast between Samuel - asked of God by a pious woman; and
> Saul - asked of Samuel by an apostate nation.
> John Ronning
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