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shalom Wil,

je soutiens ton but d'apprendre l'hebreu et j'ai deux choses a suggerer:
Others on the list may be interested so I'll put them in english.

The best way to start may be to use the Living Biblical Hebrew for
Everyone, vol. one plus 3 audio CDs.
*efficient,  immersion learning experience
*natural, and prepares you for internalization of the language and longer
*seemlessly allows further progress in both biblical and modern Hebrew
*unmediated by English or French
* multiple voices in recordings
Price is $65 plus $10 shipping. (respond to me at this email address)
It is part of the material that we use in the summer program mentioned
(Someone mentioned the Jouon grammaire. It is excellent, recommended for
reference, though not for learning the language.) 

You might also be interested in the 
4th Biblical Hebrew Summer Session here in Israel.
two 6-week sessions available this year
3 June - 13 July 2001
1 July - 11 August 2001

New location: Yad ha-Shmona guest house/retreat center. 15 km. west of
It has a new biblical garden where students start learning biblical Hebrew
in real life situations with fully functional replicas of winepresses,
threshing floors, oil presses, etc.
Classes limited to 15 students in order to maximize learning.

Team-taught for multiple voices.
We think it is easily the most efficient introduction to biblical Hebrew
anywhere in the world. 
And it provides for easy continuation with either advanced biblical Hebrew
or modern Hebrew. 
Previous students have been absolute beginners from around the world 
(as well as those wanting a refresher course, or those wanting an
introduction to the biblical language after beginning with the modern
dialect.) Students have found that following up the course by reading
through the annual Torah cycle is enjoyable rather than painful.

costs: tuition $1190
room plus 3 meals in the buffet/cafeteria: $24/day ($984 for 41 days). 
The Home for Bible Translators offers an 8-credit certificate for the 120
class-hour program.

La plupart de material de formation est en anglais mais on peut s'aider en
francais aussi. 
La plupart de temps -- est en hebreu.
[The adventurous find that outside of class they can even communicate with
the local people in biblical Hebrew (plus a few modern idioms or
implements) Great for internalizing the biblical words.]

for further information contact
the Home for Bible Translators
BibleTranslators at

director of the summer course
Randall Buth, PhD
Chair, Hebrew Language, Jerusalem University Collge and
adjunct at Rothberg, Hebrew University
ButhFam at

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