Genesis 1:6

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What may be complicating the matter is that there is no attested form badal, 
which presumably would be the G verb from this root. There is the N 
nivdal/yibbadel, meaning "to withdraw; to go over to; to be excluded from; to 
be singled out." And there is the form seen here--the C hivdil/yavdil, meaning 
"to separate, divide from, make distinction; to separate; to single out, 
select." The ma- prefix is part of the formation of the C participle, which 
forms a maqtil pattern in strong roots (based on the paradigmatic root qatal). 
The C stem often indicates causation of the corresponding G verb, but since 
there is no G verb in this case, that's something of a moot issue. So I'd 
start out glossing it something like "that which separates."

Trevor Peterson

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> 1. Sorry, but BDL is the root of mavdil. Check any elementary  Heb.
>grammer, specificially the Hif'il verbal form.
> 2. The prepostion L need not be translated; check the very next verse,or
>verse 4.                                                 Uri
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