Urim, Thummim and the Sacred Name

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<< Whenever questions are recorded regarding using either the lot or 
 Urim/Thummim the questions were polar--either "yes-no" or "Is this 
the one?"  (1 Sam 14.36-42; 23.6-13)--or the narrative allows this 
interpretation (e.g.,  Achan's guilt, Saul's kingship). This suggests 
that whatever the physical  means (a two-sided piece of ?? with 
one marked side), allotment entailed polar elimination or selection.>>

Tradition teaches...

Urim's first side bore the letter Y.
Urim's second side bore he letter H.
Thummim's first side bore the letter V.
Thummim's second side bore the letter H.

I also seem to recall that the combined numeric 
value of urim- and thummim-'s letters total 777.

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