PS: What are Hebrew words for hen and egg?

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> I think that those who divorced the Torah from its origin and 
> spiritual character, who posit that it was written by various human 
> beings, and who proceed to take it apart, word by word and analyze it 
> according to grammar, discuss it in foreign languages, including 
> Latin, and ignore all the Rabbinic commentators, as if they are 
> archaic and knew nothing, are the most arrogant of all
Perhaps there should then be no b-hebrew since we (sometimes) "take it apart, 
word by word and analyze it according to grammar" and "discuss it in foreign 
languages" (sometimes including Latin).  Much better that we simply publish 
the rabbinic commentators.   A simple web page devoted to this should suffice 
(not in English or German or French, etc., of course).  There should be no 
discussion — after all, the rabbis said all that need be said.

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