Heaven or Sky?

Fri Aug 24 21:31:06 EDT 2001

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>One great benefit of having an electronic-edition of the middle L & S is 
>the ability to do a "reverse search" i.e querying on an English word, and 
>finding the Greek listing.
>This, BTW, is possible to do also on the big LSJ on the Perseus site.

>I have found AIQHR for sky
>                    KUKLOS for the vault of the sky
>                     POLOS  2. the sphere which revolves on this axis, i. 
>e. the vault of heaven, the sky or firmament, Lat. polus, Aesch., Eur.

I couldn't find these Greek words in either the Septuagint or the 
New Testament.  Would you please cite the verses where these words 
appear so I can look them up?  Thanks.

>Feel free to post this to the list ( although I share your reservations 
>about Greek on a Hebrew list <g>


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