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I would just like to comment what was said to me...

>"Yes. Of course. A trans-world language should be automatically dismissed, because we *all* know that any research which makes mention of "paranormal phenomenon" is all wet.
>All wet like pharoah's chariots. 
>How many biblical events might be considered "paranormal phenomenon"?

While it is true that some may classify miracles, etc. in the Bible as "paranormal phenomenon," I intended by the phrase such things as extra-terrestrial contact, ESP, dowsing, and Atlantis as my comment made clear.

>Actually, happydan, I was hoping for someone to answer the post with a solid refutation, rather than that which you were able to bring forth.

Well, you won't get one from me as I do not spend my time on such topics. One can't spend all their time refuting any silly idea that people propose. I mean, if someone wants to spend time refuting claims that the term Elohim in the Genesis account refers to aliens that did genetics experiements on earth and created the human race or that the "fire wheels" in Ezekiel are really ancient accounts of alien space crafts, that is fine. I will not spend my time investing such things. My rule of thumb is: If it makes for an episode of Sightings or Jerry Springer, it probably is not worth the time to look at it.

>My wonder was based on possibly reconciling the "find" of a trans-world language, via Genesis 10:25's days of Peleg.

If you want to use such stuff to support the Bible, cool. But I see from another reply to the list that even a Mormon poster is distancing himself from this stuff.

>Ever so sorry for offending your brain.

You didn't offend me, I just like to get away from such sensationalist stuff and thought that B-Hebrew was a list for real research and questions.

Daniel E Barnes
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