anoki YHWH vs. ani YHWH, what do you think?

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On  3/11/00 (anoki YHWH vs. ani YHWH, what do you think?) Vincent DeCaen wrote:

>dear b-haverim,
>is the pattern "anoki YHWH" vs. "ani YHWH" significant (notice also, no
>reverse orders)?

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Dear Vincent DeCaen,

Try H.B. Rosén, *'NWKY and 'NY: Essai de grammaire, interprétation et 
traduction*, originally published in _Mélanges André Neher_, Paris: 
Maisonneuve 1975, 253-272, reprinted in IDEM, _East and West, 
Selected Writings in Linguistics (...), Part Two, Munich: Fink 1984, 
262-281. Rosén sees a difference between the two forms. However, I 
remember not being quite convinced by his argument when I read the 
essay a couple of years ago.

Peace and all good.
Alviero Niccacci

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