Call for Papers - Mehqere Hag 12

Jonathan D. Safren yonsaf at
Wed Jan 19 05:25:48 EST 2000

     Now that the second semester has begun, I would like to reminf all
scholars in Judaic Studies and related fields that they are invited to
contribute articles to Volume12 of Mehqere Hag (Holiday Studies) -  A
Journal of Jewish Culture, to appear in October 2000. This will be the
third year in which articles will be published in English as well as
Hebrew, with English-language summaries of the Hebrew articles and
Hebrew summaries of the English ones.
  Mehqere Hag - A Journal of Jewish Culture  is an annual devoted to all
aspects of study of the Jewish Holidays.Following are some, but not all,
of those fields in which articles
have been published in previous issues

1. Holidays and Festivals in the Biblical Period
2. Holidays and Festivals During Second Temple Times
3. Holidays and Festivals During the Period of the Mishna and
4. Holidays and Festivals from the Middle Ages through the
5. Holidays and Festivals in Modern Times
6. Holidays During the Holocaust
7. Holiday Folklore and Folk Customs
8. Holidays in Literature, Drama, and Art
9. Holiday and Festival Liturgy
10. Jewish Holidays and Festivals in the Church
11. Jewish Wedding Customs

     Articles may be submitted in either Hebrew or English.
Those written in Hebrew  should include an English-language summary of
200-300 words,
while those written in English should include a Hebrew-language summary
of similar
length. Those authors who find it difficult to write a summary in
language should submit a summary in the language in which the article is
     Articles should be typed in Word for Windows (PC) . In addition to
two copies of
the typescript, please include a 144 MB (3.5”) diskette containing the
text. Please do not fax articles.
     Articles submitted for publication are given to at least two
readers for evaluation,
and authors receive written notification of acceptance or rejection. The
editors reserve the right to make minor changes ( e. g., spelling,
grammar). In the case of major changes (content, etc.), the article is
returned to the author for corrections.
     Authors of articles accepted for publication receive 3 copies of
the issue in which
their article appears.

     The last date for submission of articles to Vol. 12 is 30 April

     Please submit all articles to:

     Dr. Joseph Roth-Rotem
     Chief Editor
     Mehqere Hag - A Journal of Jewish Culture
     Center for Jewish Holiday Studies
     Beit Berl College
     44905 Beit Berl Post Office

or to the undersigned:

     Dr. Jonathan D. Safren
     Editor of the English Section
     Mehqere Hag -A Journal of Jewish Studies
     Center for Jewish Holiday Studies
     Beit Berl College
     44905 Beit Berl Post Office
     e-mail: yonsaf at

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