Recent threads on Isaiah and Proof Texts

George Athas gathas at
Tue Dec 19 20:04:50 EST 2000

Dear members,

The thread on Isa 42:3-4 has spawned a discussion on proof texting. Since this latter
topic is about the history of interpretating biblical texts, there is no real problem with
it, *provided* it does not venture into discussions of historicity or inspiration, nor
make value judgements of faiths. As such, I encourage those participating in the threads
to watch their wording and subject matter closely. The thread is certainly borderline, but
let's give people the benefit of the doubt that they can conduct these threads on
friendly, scholarly terms.

Should the threads take a different turn, however, there will be a call to end them.

Best regards,

(B-Hebrew Chairman, on behalf of the B-Hebrew Chair Staff)

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