Writing Unicode Hebrew

Peter Kirk Peter_Kirk at sil.org
Tue Dec 5 01:39:29 EST 2000

It gives this message as a warning that not everything is supported. But you
can still select the option and install most things. Try it and see. You may
need the latest service release of Office 2000, which you can download (if
you have the original installed) but it will take you some time. Most things
work on Windows 95. ME probably won't be different from 98.

Peter Kirk

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From: "Peter Kirk" <Peter_Kirk at sil.org>

> In principle this is easy enough in Unicode compatible
> applications like Word 2000 (with Hebrew support installed), and most
> programs in Windows 2000: you simply select the Hebrew keyboard and type
> away.

I get the impression one needs at least Windows 2000 as well as just MS
Office 2000. Under my system, using ONLY (sob!) Windows 98, when I try to
select Hebrew from the MS Office Tools, the Hebrew option is marked "Not
supported by system". Presumably Win ME is also OK. - ?

John Richards

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