SIL Ezra in Windows ME

Deborah Greenhill ravdev at
Fri Dec 1 19:10:42 EST 2000

Now that you have solved that issue, perhaps you have answers for me.
I cannot get the SIL Ezra to toggle the RTL keyboard or make the supposedly
automatic final consonants.  I assume that it is because the fonts are made
for Windows '98 and 2000.  Windows ME is a 'different animal'.

Which brings up another question: does anyone know of any Bible software
that will use Windows ME.  I find that all the prior versions "lock up" the
keyboard at certain points, so that I have to reboot.

Any help in this matter would be most appreciated.
Dr. Deborah J. Greenhill, ND
and PhD Candidate in Philosophy
Federated States of Micronesia
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