Gen 1:1 "When God began to create"?

Dave Washburn dwashbur at
Wed Aug 30 18:17:49 EDT 2000

> Dear Dave,
> You say that Rashi and Gesenius are faulty and
> outdated. Please tell me what you base that on?

Subsequent grammatical study, publications and so on.  I would 
also point to all the diverse views expressed so often here, as well 
as textbooks put out by the Bible societies, by the scholarly 
presses and other sources.  If Rashi had it all figured out, why are 
we even here?  All one has to do is look at the grammar of Waltke 
and O'Connor to see many of the flaws in both Rashi and 
Gesenius.  And just for the sake of completeness, one need look 
no further than numerous reviews published when it came out to 
see the flaws in the NRSV.  Citing it merely shows that one group 
of translators chose to follow Rashi; it says nothing about whether 
he or they were right.

We can sit here and cite "authorities" all day long.  I could just as 
easily point to the NASB as my authority for the other reading, and 
it would prove just as little.  What we need to figure out is, what 
view of the grammar of Hebrew provides the strongest and most 
complete explanation of the verb system with the smallest number 
of problems?  That's why we're all here, as far as I know.

Dave Washburn
"Éist le glór Dé."

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