The Rebbetzin

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Please correct me if I am wrong, but is this appropriate for this forum?  I
am new to the forum and felt this seems unlike what one usually sees on
b-Hebrew or b-Greek.


John Fox

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> The rabbi of the shtetl dies and the congregation decides, after some>
> time, that the rebetzin, should marry again. Since it is a small village
> the  only available candidate is the local butcher.
> Although very reluctantly, since she was used to being married to a
> scholar, she accepts.
> After the marriage, on Friday night just after taking a bath in the
> mikva--(ritual bath) the new husband tells the rebetzin (rabbi's wife):
> Look, my mother always said that before the beginning of the shabbos it
> was a mitzvah (blessing) to make sex before going to the synagogue.
> They do it and when he comes back from shul he tells her:
> According to my father it is a mitzvah to make sex before lighting the
> candles.
>  There they go again and when it is time to go to sleep he tells her:
> My grandfather told me that one should always make  sex on shabbos
> night.
> Finally they go to sleep and when they wake up the next  morning he
> tells her:
>  My aunt says that a religious Jew always starts the shabbos by having
> sex. So lets do it.
> Finally on Sunday she goes out to the market and meets a friend that
> asks her:
>  " Neuooo, so how is the new husband?"
> Well, an intellectual he isn't, but he comes from a wonderful
> mishpoche!!!
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