Gen 26:13

Bryan Rocine brocine at
Thu Sep 30 16:12:24 EDT 1999

Dear Galia,

You may want to check Isa 20:2, Jdg 4:24, 1 Sam 14:19, and
especially 2 Sam 18:25 vayelek halok veqareb.


You wrote:
> Dear Rolf and Dave,
> The form suggests that it is an adjective or pt. (Benoni,
or qotel) - see
> BDB. However, I was thinking of the construction <HALOX
W+INF> when
> suggesting lthat <wgadel> is W+INF. I do not believe there
exists a
> construction such as <HALOX W+qotel> or l<HALOX + W+adj.)

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