4 Misc. Questions

Joseph Brian Tucker music at riverviewcog.org
Wed Sep 29 16:45:01 EDT 1999


1. I am looking for some bibliography on the 3 letter reconstructions being 
artifical in BH roots. If the first two radicals are the same and the third 
is different but are connected words isn't the 3 letter root concept 

2. What term do you use for the vav reversive? Just, a simple vav or 
anything else?

3. I am a little unhappy with HINN"H  being referred to as a "predicator of 
existence." Kittle, 44. I thought the predicator of existence was Y"$ and 
the predicator of non-existence )"YN? Any suggestions for clarifying Kittle 

4. Is the first person  pronoun )FNOKIY related to the Akkadian first 
person pronoun? "anaku"? Do you have in bibliography on it?

Brian Tucker
music at riverviewcog.org
Riverview, MI

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