Synchronic Hebrew Divisions

Matthew Anstey manstey at
Wed Sep 29 11:48:49 EDT 1999

Gday everyone,

I am using Bibleworks, which allows the user to place the books of the OT in
any order to display the results of searches. I am trying to setup an
approximate chronological order, so I can see for myself those features that
people have found to come and go in between classical and late biblical
hebrew. The very tentative order I have so far is (don't laugh!):

gen exo lev num deu jos jdg 1sa 2sa 1ki 2ki rut oba joe amo hos jon mic pro
isa job nah hab zep jer lam psa eze dan hag zec mal sol ecc est 1ch 2ch ezr

I can only maneouvre books, not chapters, so this is one restriction. With
books with bits and pieces I just want the dominant section. The book of
Isaiah is impossible to place in this regard. Other books like Jonah, Ruth,
Job, have been given every date from pre-exilic to post-exilic, so I'm not
sure where to put them.

Anyone who can offer some improvements or suggestions on this I would be
most appreciative.

With regards,
Matthew Anstey

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