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hi, randy,

re: word order we should keep discussions separate for FG and GB.

when i talk about word order, i'm thinking GB/minimalism when I say
SVO. we should be clear about it. i assume XP movements, especially an
obligatory movement to spec-TP, which has dramatic effects on surface
ordering in some cases.

to convert my views to FG, i would posit two templates, roughly:

(1)	(P!)  Pn V S O X
(2)	(P!)  V Pn S O X,  where P! is an optional casus pendens

now it just happens that with an overt subject (S), S is promoted to
Pn a good amount of the time (as would be expected). so even in your
terms, a (1) structure would be SVOX most of the time on the surface.

the (2) structure would by an FG way of capturing verb movement (in GB);
and it's such movement that i say is required in an adequate analysis of
hebrew, based on the data from yiqtol/order/semantics.


does this help, clarify, etc?
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