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Try the Hebraisticum, from Professor Lehman's site. Of course there is NO traffic on 
it. I can't seem to find his webpage, but he is also subscribed to this list, so if you 
plead to him, maybe he will pop up and direct you.

I do have to say that I like being able to be subscribed to just one list where I can get a 
few mails a day on a variety of subjects. The thought of subscribing to ANE, TC, 
Hebrew, etc. and getting 95 mails a day is not too appetizing.

Perhaps if you were to contribute something about Hebrew grammar to the list, you 
might be able to get something going. I don't think the lack of grammar topics on the 
list is a result of the numerous TC posts. Do you?

You may also be able to solve some of your headaches by using a sort of auto-ignore. 
I use Lingomail (free downloads at and I can specify certain 
addresses which will get any incoming mail from that address sent immediately to the 
trash can. Maybe Explorer or Netscape or whatever you use has such a feature, and 
you can put Ian's incoming posts in the trash without even having to see them.  ;-)     
(This was just a joke Ian)

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>Does anyone know of a list that is dedicated to the study of the
>*language* of the Biblical Hebrew text?  I thought that I had found that
>here several years ago, but the bulk of the posts of the last several
>months indicate that I was apparently mistaken.  Of course, that is not
>unusual, because I also thought that questions determining the validity
>of including a portion of text in the biblical corpus more rightly would
>be discussed on the TC list, and dating questions in general would be
>discussed on lists like ANE.  I believe there are even lists that
>include in their "charter" the discussion of the Qumran finds.

>So, to rephrase the question, is there any list that takes the corpus of
>the Hebrew Bible as we have it and dedicates its time and energies to
>understanding the vocabulary, forms, and structures found in it?

>Any help would be greatly appreciated.



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