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Mon Dec 20 05:53:00 EST 1999

Won't help Jonathan.

Also the Bbaylonian scribes were scholars, however, not of the modern kind.
Neither was Luther. Again, it has to do playing by the rules. The rules will
be changing, yes, and at a time you will have to conclude that according to
modern standards I will no longer be considered a scholar .. Luther is
accoridng to modern standards not a contemporary scholar, rather the subject
of scholarship. I think I play according to present rules for the game. If
you follows the rules of yesterday, you are not part of the game. That may
change according to circumstances, but that is as it is today.


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> Thanks for your support Jim. I see acknowledgement from you, a rather
> stalwart 
> liberal (if my assessment is correct) that these men, who were all willing
> to give place 
> to the supernatural, were indeed scholars, as something of a vindication
> from 
> Lemche's assertions.
> Jonathan Bailey
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> >At 01:04 AM 12/20/99 +0100, you wrote:
> >>I will take my place among my brothers Thomas Aquinas, Jerome, Luther,
> and
> >Origen 
> >>in the Fraternity of the Non-Scholars.
> >all in fact extraordinarily trained in their respective fields.  Luther,
> as
> >you know, had an earned doctorate from Wittenberg.  Aquinas as well was a
> >result of University training.  Jerome spent years learning from the
> rabbis.
> >Origen was a brilliant scholar.  All trained.  None dilettantes.
> >Best
> >Jim
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> >"This is the sort of nonsense up with which I will not put."  Winston
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