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>Dear friends,
>   Prov 30:4 has "...what is his name, and what is his son's name...."(KJV) 
>The MT has 'BEN' for "son" in the singular whereas the LXX has "hUIOOI" (I 
>believe this is how it is spelled, I don't have the text before me), "sons" 
>in the plural. Any ideas as to why the LXX uses the plural in Greek while 
>the Hebrew MT uses the singular "son"? Many thanks.

the consonantal text is ambiguous here- it is beth nun waw.  now depending
on how one points this word one ends up with either the singular or the
plural.  i.e., beno - his son; whilst benaw = his sons...

so- the greek scribe read the plural while the kjv followed the singular.




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