Atonement in the Pentateuch

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> However, Harris, Archer and Waltke reject this view and
> put forward an alternative, already implicit in BDB, that
> the basic form of the word is KOPER meaning "ransom", and
> the verbal forms (all Piel and Pual) are derived from
> this noun.

It seemed to me that the KPR-ing of Noah's ark was a qal 

> This versatile word also means "henna" or "village", 

"Village"  -  K:PfR differs in its vowel pointing.

> But KUFR means> "unbelief" and KAFIR "unbeliever",
> perhaps derived from "cover" > "conceal" > "deny". 

This usage is also present in Hebrew - KoWP"R is is an 
unbeliever, or "one who denies"; it is usually expressed as 
KoWP"R B:(iYKfR  - one who denies an essential [doctrine of 

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