Shoebox 4 for Windows and Macintosh is now available!

Peter_Kirk at Peter_Kirk at
Thu Sep 17 22:07:00 EDT 1998

Thank you, Jonathan, for the faith you put in SIL software in 
recommending it without seeing it. Well, I had no part in writing 
Shoebox 4 (and so cannot take the credit); but I have seen it, 
although only today (by coincidence). I have been using Shoebox 3 for 
over a year, to set up a working dictionary to help translation 
between my target language and Hebrew. This is one type of application 
for which Shoebox is suited; another is grammatical analysis: this 
would be hard but not impossible to set up for Hebrew.

The advantage (as I see it) of Shoebox over other packages I have seen 
is the complete flexibility of its language setup and definition. The 
latest version has added proper support for right-to-left languages 
and context-sensitive character shapes (both used in Hebrew - consider 
the final forms) which work with normal western versions of Windows. 
To use this needs certain setup files, which are provided (as a 
sample) for (modern) Assyrian (which is still used as a mother 
tongue!) which uses the Syriac alphabet. Maybe I can find a set of 
setup files for Hebrew. I can let people have on request my Hebrew 
language setup file which worked (including correct sorting of words) 
with Shoebox 3 and the SIL Ezra Hebrew fonts (but the right-to-left 
support was limited in this) - it should still work, but with the same 
limitations, with Shoebox 4.

Does anyone know of a readily available Hebrew-English (or Hebrew-any 
language) dictionary in electronic form? I would be looking for 
something which could be adapted for use with Shoebox, rather than 
something which can be accessed only through a complex software 

Peter Kirk

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