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Fri Dec 4 10:46:54 EST 1998

I'm looking at where I should go to study for a PhD in OT and Semitic
I've seen from the internet that there are not a lot of schools who really
offer certain languages
like Akkadian all year.  Does it depend on the language you specialize in
besides Hebrew that would
determine where to go?  How do you decide what other Semitic language to
study?  I'd like to go where
I can get the best education, but with so little language knowledge I can
not make a educated search.
I'm currently a 1st year MDiv student at New Orleans Baptist Theological
Seminary, at one of the extension centers.
It'll probably be something like 3 years before I finish that, but I'd like
to make sure I have all requirements for
admission and get a jump on another language too.  

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