[B-Greek] POTHRION Mt 26:39; Rev 14:10

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On 7/31/2010 3:52 PM, Oun Kwon wrote:
> Was the figurative sense of POTHRION in N.T. (of undergoing a violent
> death - BDAG p. 857) derived from Socrates' death with his cup of
> poison?
I think it is unlikely, not only because there's no indication in NT 
writings of knowledge of the story of Socrates, but because Plato 
expressly states that Socrates did not suffer after he drank the hemlock 
(nor is he fearful of drinking his "cup" as Mark's Jesus is).

More likely this sense (as opposed to the cup of wrath) is derived from 
the world of thought exemplified in Mart. Is. 5:13 (assuming this is not 
a Christian interpolation), where we have a direct parallel Here Isaiah 
sends his companions away prior to martyrdom with the words, “for God 
has mixed the cup for me alone.”

There's also the use of "cup" as suffering in Pss. 11:6; 16:5.


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