[B-Greek] Discourse Grammar of the Greek New Testament

Paul E. Baronowsky paulb2 at insightbb.com
Thu Dec 9 19:33:30 EST 2010

On 12/9/2010 5:41 PM, Kevin Riley wrote:
> OK. After a quick calculation, there is still time to get it before
> Christmas. So it's a matter of wait and pray. It just seems like a good
> way to escape the relatives for a while :)

FWIW: Christian Book Distributors (www.christianbook.com) had Steve 
Runge's new book listed in their Fall 2010 _Academic Resources_ catalog, 
which I received at least two months ago (That is, I received the 
catalog. I have not yet ordered the book; but the idea of having it to 
browse over the Christmas break sounds good to me).

Disclaimer: I have no connection of any kind with Christian Book 
Distributors, other than as a satisfied, occasional customer.

Best Wishes,
Paul Baronowsky

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